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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Your "evidence" amounts to measuring inaccurate and low resolution fan art, and obsolete assumptions based on pre-reboot Trek.
You gave me a link to the "correct" (higher resolution) version, whose attributes are the exact same size.

Franklin wrote:
-- Length: 2500 feet (only 103 feet from 2397, maybe someone rounded up, but it's not 1200 feet, either).
So there's still no internal consistency. Got it. How can I argue with a measurement that's never the same twice?
Once it was established in production, it's been consistent. I posted some of this before, but:
-- The length of the Enterprise (2397.75 feet) is given in the 2009 Blu-ray movie feature piece "Starships".
-- The same final size is given in the book "Star Trek -- The Art of the Film".
-- According to Memory Alpha, Bob Plant of Round 2 Models gives the same length.
-- ILM verifies it (they're the ones who scaled it up in the first place).
-- The most conclusive thing is the Polar Lights Enteprise is 11.5 inches long. It says it's 1/2500 scale on the box. Take 2397 feet times 12 to get inches and divide that by 2500 and you get 11.5 inches. A 1/2500 scale model of a 1200 foot ship would be only 5.75 inches long.

The established size is 2397.75 whether it makes sense or not.
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