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Re: Chris Pine Signed up for two more Star Trek movies

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I'd rather they come up with some new interesting threat or enemy that involves the Enterprise exploring space and such I don't want to see each movie trod out a new re-imagine classic Trek villain, because that becomes too formulaic and takes the focus off of the actual adventure of the crew, and you know actually trekking among the stars.
Fun fact: The Nibiru mission in STID's opening scene is the first time a Trek move has actually shown any exploration.

Anyway, the Abrams series has already established that all it is is a big-budget reimagining of Trek, and therefore it only makes sense that each movie will trot out the franchise's most popular villains and aliens rather than doing anything new or original. That's baiscally Hollywood's credo in general at the moment.

Besides, even the Abramsverse comics are just adaptations of TOS episodes as opposed to anything new. Even Countdown to Darkness is a cross between A Private Little War and The Omega Glory.
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