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Re: The Roddenberry Reputation

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I've kind of settled into this:

Roddenberry was a deeply flawed human being who got something incredible off the ground and, for that, he deserves at least a modicum of respect, while acknowledging that Trek would not be what it is and was without the enormous talent of the hundreds of people that toiled day and night on it.
What people either keep forgetting or ignoring is that Roddenberry himself rewrote a great deal of the scripts in the first two seasons. Harlan Ellison is the most famous example, while John DF Black apparently left because of it. Bob Justman and Herb Solow back it up that Gene was amazing at rewriting scripts, just not as good at generating his own from the ground up. He spent very long hours hammering away at them, as did Gene Coon and others. Again, when "Shore Leave" needed on set rewites, who was sitting under a tree on location making them? Not Coon or Fontana. Roddenberry.

Which means, yes, Roddenberry deserves a lot of credit for the success of the show: he rewrote scripts to make sure they fit his idea of the series he created. This is no way removes what everyone else contributed, but to suggest as some have that Gene "created the series, then sat back and let others do the work while he had sex with actresses" is ridiculous. However, others like Coon, Fontana, Black and so on deserve a huge share of the accolades too.
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