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Re: Chris Pine Signed up for two more Star Trek movies

Hmm, as I understand, the plan has always been to do a trilogy. But if Pine is indeed signed on for two movies, could that mean they're planning a two-part story? That's technically a trilogy with four movies.

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The borg belongs in the mid 90's prime techobabble universe where the likes of La Forge, Nelix and Harry Kim were the faces of star trek.
Interesting. The lion's share of Borg appearances are from 1996-2001, which I consider late 90s, not mid.

To put the borg in the next film would be creative and subsequently commercial suicide IMO.
I disagree. The Borg are pretty popular Trek villains. Sure, Trek fans may be sick of them, and still whine a decade after the fact that Voyager pussified them, but among the general public the Borg are "cool." First Contact is after all the most popular TNG movie and Borg merchandise does sell well. And Enterprise's Borg episode was one with higher ratings than usual. "Resistance is Futile" is a recognizable catch phrase in pop culture, and chances are you ask some random person the meaning of the word assimilate they're going to say "that's what those Borg guys do in Star Trek" even if they don't watch Star Trek. Putting the Borg in the next Trek movie would not be commercial suicide at all. I will actually be surprised, very surprised if the Borg are not the villains of Trek XIII.

And besides, the Borg have already been featured in the Abramsverse young adult Starfleet Academy novel series which is directly supervised by Bad Robot, so they obviously don't feel the Borg only belong among the "days when Neelix and Harry Kim were Star Trek's face."
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