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It is if you want sequels.
Some of us fans may want that. If JJ Trek fails early, it will mean no Star Trek for awhile. But eventually the studio will try again, cause it makes them money. And hopfully they will see Star Trek's original formula has more staying power than JJ Trek and go back to it.
How's that workin' out for 'Flash Gordon' and 'Buck Rogers'?
Who cares? I'm not seeing umpty-um posters daily on a gordonbbs or rogersbbs site, but there are all these folk who are here (and most were here pre-Abrams, even during that period when everybody thought all ModernTrek was crashingNburning) because of the Trek that went before, talking about it years and decades after the fact.

Not just talking apples & oranges here ... talking the difference between fresh fruit and freeze-dried soylent.
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