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Re: arrrgh!!!!!!!!

I have a similar prob at my office's basement garage. The garage is cross-shaped. I have a parking spot in a corner between the arms of the cross and it's already quite difficult to get out of there. It gets impossible if the big bus standing at a right angle to my business car (at the head of the cross, right around the corner from my car) is not parked properly directly at the wall but is protruding a little.
It's so annoying when you're in a hurry having to get out of the car again, running up 2 stories and into the other wing of the building, getting the bus key from the key board, running down, parking the bus properly, running up again to return the key, running down once more and then finally getting out (only to find that someone has used my car and not filled her up!).

Sigocat, I can sooo sympathize with you! If people really have to chew all the time, like cows, they should at least do so soundlessly and with their mouths closed.
I used to share office with a colleague who always slurped his coffee - it made me want to scream! Instead I put in earplugs - fortunately I have long hair which hides them. Maybe you could use the same trick? Or wear a walkman, perhaps?
What also makes me cringe is when people kiss so terribly loud (and wet! Yuck!).
a hug a day keeps the psychiatrist away
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