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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

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Locutus seems to agree with me regarding the nature of children.
I agree that kids like to test boundaries and do things they're not supposed to, but we have wildly different views on how to handle that natural tendency where it comes to guns.
I didn't mean to imply you agreed on everything, only on the nature of children. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
No worries. You didn't imply that. I was just adding my own clarification on where we differ.

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Your country is able to have a uniform law when when it comes to choking hazards so I don't think it should be impossible to pass a law prohibiting either the manufacture of children's guns or else a law setting an minimum age (maybe about 10 or 12) at which a child can use a gun.
Not impossible, but like I said, unfortunately extremely difficult when we have a disproportionately powerful NRA/gun lobby influencing politicians and making sure not even the most common sense and watered down gun laws get passed, because they irrationally see any gun law as one step further along the road to a total gun ban.

Also, there's no Constitutional amendment protecting toys that are a choking hazard, so it makes it a little more difficult to act where it comes to guns.

But that wasn't even my main point. My point was that people keep bringing up completely unconnected things like they're directly related and one should preclude the other. Jarod did it too in the other thread about the kid testing chemicals in school: "Why is she getting punished so harshly when kids are allowed to have guns?" Different situations, different people, different states, different laws, etc. I understand it's frustrating to see seemingly contradictory things happen, but there's not a nation on Earth that doesn't have contradictory policies and enforcement on different issues, especially not one this large and diverse in beliefs.

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In Australia guns control was a state issue, and we also have a powerful gun lobby, but we were able to reach agreement on banning certain guns. I admit we only have 6 states and 22 million people but the laws we reached agreement on were much stronger laws than just banning guns for small children.
That's great. We have people trying very hard to accomplish the same thing, and other people trying very hard to stop them. It doesn't all happen at the same pace everywhere. I wish it would.

But in the meantime, we have to deal with the reality of what's happening in the US now, and not just make off-base comparisons like "Well, you passed seat belt laws, so why can't you pass stricter gun laws?" that don't really address the nuances and history of the situation at all.
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