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Re: Who likes cooking?

I love cooking (and eating). Don't have a favourite dish or recipe, though. It always depends on my mood.
I love trying out ancient recipes (quite a lot of the stuff from Apicius Roman recipe book is pretty good) or to modify classical ones. For the last months I've been working on perfectioning my Lemon Velvet recipe. I want something lighter and fluffier and much less sweet than the traditional one.
When I cook, I usually just have a look at what I've got, what urgently needs to be used up or what is currently cheap at the market or in the stores. Then I figure out what fits together and make something from it.
In my experience good cooking is not half as complicated as many famous chefs want us to believe. If you use fresh ingredients of a good quality and don't exaggerate with the seasoning there is not much you can do wrong.
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