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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

The Trial of a Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet and Mindwarp (Sixth Doctor).

While not Robert Holmes' best, I know he was ill while writing it and died soon after, I enjoyed The Mysterious Planet. It's actually kind of interesting, I saw a lot of The Krotons, Holmes first serial, in this one. A robot which controls a human society to provide for its needs, the robot singling out two of the humans for special tasks.

While Mindwarp was well written, I think Philip Martin's last serial, Vengeance on Varos, was probably better. Sil works better as an antagonist then a sniveling flunkie. Peri's death however was excellent. She didn't die saving the day, she just died and I applaud the writer and producer for making that decision.

Yes, I know they copped out in the end which is too bad. Having Peri marry Yrcanos seems completely out of place. I know they tried to build up some sort of relationship between them, but it wasn't that well developed.
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