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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

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I am mentioning now - Thea, Felicity having hot lesbian sex. Think that will happen too/
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I think that we will probably find out that Malcolm had his wife killed because she had figured out what he was planning to do to the Glades. Although why if he had the money he just wouldnt buy up all the land is beyond me. I sense a deeper plan at work, but thats probably to complex for tv to handle.

I don't think he had the money just yet...or at least not able to get all the resources to pull it off right away...hence Queen & Chen plotting to buy the land as well.

Malcolm seemed to dismiss of the hope his wife had for Glade residents (when he talked about her death in an earlier episode) i think there's something much deeper. He was using the "save our neighborhood from crime" as a cover. His millionaire friends aren't so evil as to take over or kill without a "good" reason, even beyond money.

There's definitely more to the plot..interested to see where it goes!
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