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Abrams's movies are the foundation for the next twenty to thirty years of Star Trek whether he even makes a third one or not. They represent a bright line of demarcation between the past - in which every new Trek production was required to fit into an increasingly ungainly, outdated and narrow continuity reaching back to the mid-1960s - and a future in which the studio and their hired producers will evaluate and develop every Trek project on the basis of how they believe it maximizes the value of the Franchise to them at that time.

The first question from now on will be "can you achieve the same level of commercial success with Trek that Abrams did?"

Some projects - most likely, any tv versions - may resemble oldTrek more than Abrams's movie in terms of story content (though certainly not visually). They won't be forced to fit into pre-Abrams continuity or style, though, and producers will be free to recast and use older characters and story material as they think best.

oldTrek as such is dead, forever. It died with Star Trek: Enterprise in 2005. It's highly doubtful that there's anyone in a position of responsibility at Paramount now who really regrets that or misses it.

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