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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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Hi all. I'm new here, so please pardon me for just jumping in. Can someone please tell me which episode it is where Janeway appears in a pink satin nightgown? I came across the image during a search and vaguely remember the show, but I can't find the episode name. Thanks!

There's a couple, but the most famous is season 1's "Eye of the Needle".

(audio issues)

IIRC, she's also sporting it in season 2's "Deathwish" when she jumps out of bed with Q and throws her robe on like its Zorro's cape...

and then again in season 2's "Tuvix" when she's entertaining Kes as they talk about their lost loves. (Mark & Neelix)
I forgot to come back and thank you for telling me the episodes! Thanks!
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