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Re: John Williams to Score Star Wars Episode VII

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kirk55555 wrote:
Short of JJ Abrams being replaced by an alternate universe version of himself (from a universe where he isn't a complete idiot) there is no way VII could be as good as even EP 1 or 2
Just like there was no way STXI could be even as good as The Final Frontier or Insurrection. Oh wait, that's not how things turned out, is it?
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Set Harth, I'm sure kirk55555 considers those movies to be superior to STXI, so that's not much of a comeback, I'm afraid.
You're right. TFF and Insurrection were horrible, but they were horrible Star Trek. ST 2009 was a horrible transformers like action movie minus the robots, and VII will be the same way. I'll take a terrible movie that atleast is actually part of a franchise any day over another horrible copy of movies made for people who want explosions with a story that is basically just there to link the different explosions/horrible humor/sexual stuff together.
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