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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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It's at 40:10, this shot here:
Yeah I thought it was CGI when watching the episode but I had to check the original to be sure.
So, any CG experts out there? That's a very detailed and accurate CG model, and it's obvious a lot of effort went into it. But it still looks generated (at least, as a frame). What specific properties make it look like obvious CG vs something like BSG or Nu Trek (which looked "natural" to me)? Is it lighting sophistication? Texture quality? I know they rendered BSG at 720p and added grain to match the live action scenes. Could be it so simple?
Definitely the lighting imho but I am no expert.

I think its a great shot and very good CGI ! Tobias Richter did a superb job with the mesh (assuming its still that one) - My only issue with it is that the windows are slightly recessed into the hull instead of being flush and at some angles this means we do not see the light of the window as you do on the model but just bits of the recess. The windows should be flush to better replicate the model. This is a minor nitpick though
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