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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

Miss Chicken wrote: View Post
It seems strange that Kinder Surprises (Kinder Eggs) are banned in the USA because they are considered dangerous and yet there are such things as children's guns.
Guns (unfortunately) have a much more powerful lobby than candy eggs with a toy inside.

People need to disavow themselves of the idea that everything happens uniformly in a country this big and this diverse with a dedication to individual and state autonomy. I'm sure the same people who advocated for banning candy eggs as a choking hazard would also not want kids to have access to guns. But they don't get to make all the laws. They can only pressure Congresspeople or state legislators to pass the laws they want, with varying degrees of success.

farmkid wrote: View Post
Locutus seems to agree with me regarding the nature of children.
I agree that kids like to test boundaries and do things they're not supposed to, but we have wildly different views on how to handle that natural tendency where it comes to guns.
- There are stories about what happened.
- It's true. All of it. TNZ, Hulk, ModMan. They're real.
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