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Re: The recycled footage of BOP exploding in Generations

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Honestly I never got why people obsessed so much over the graphics. Sure they can enhance an episode or film but they're not going to define it. I really didn't care that they recycled the Bird of Prey exploding. How many angles do we have to see it blow up from? I didn't mind the Dominion War recylcled footage, there's a budget and the point it gotten across. Neither took away from the plot, which is what makes an episode or movie good or bad.

Honestly I think if they just flipped it so the BoP was angling the other direction fewer people would have even noticed. Generations was a bad movie. But not because of the explosion. If we went by flashy graphics being the end all, Enterprise would be the best series and Nemesis the best movie.

I think the right expression the OP might have used is "Salt in the wound" It doesn't make the whole movie bad, the rest of the movie did that. Or good if you liked it. It just made that climax of the battle very anti climactic.

ssosmcin wrote: View Post
What makes the BoP explosion stand out is that it explodes in a unique fashion. It's not a model with an explosion graphic slapped over it. The model is blown up in sections, bit by bit. It's actually a pretty slow destruction, made to milk the visceral impact, the immense high in TUC as torpedo after torpedo hammered the damned thing at the end of a one-sided battle. It's extremely distinctive. And when it was first shown in theaters in 1991, the audience cheered. I got a tingle of excitement for years rewatching that. It was perfectly done and intentionally created to have this effect on people.

Then, the next film uses the exact same shot and it stands out (to fans) because of what I described above. It wasn't just another ship being blown up, it was the emotional climax of the previous film. Because of this, what should have been a fist pumping climax in GEN just deflated.

It would be as if a refit Constitution class ship was destroyed in Star Trek 4 and they just reused the Enterprise destruction shot. There would be bitching about that as well, and, IMO, rightly so. Flybys and establishing shots are fine to reuse. Shots that are used to climax a major action sequence really should be new. Even if it doesn't kill the film, it does say "cheap."
And this is why it's anti climactic. Thank you, ssosmcin.

I noticed it immediately, and now when I watch either movie it's hurts both.
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