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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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Yes, even in his psycho Batman stage.
Whereas to me it comes off as a cross between an excuse to put Wayne back in the cape and cowel and (a somewhat needed) crapping on 90s antiheroes that came out of the Dark Age of comics. Of corse thinking about it that way it feels more like a necessary evil, shame it didn't kill the replace a hero with a psychotic version idea entirely.
I might be getting some of the details wrong but the idea behind JP was to show readers who wrote in and asked why Batman didn't kill the joker et al. why that was a terrible idea, so the plan was always to put Bruce back in the Cowl - however the feedback they got from a lot of young readers was not 'this is terrible' but 'this is great, when is he going to cut the joker' s head off? V
That was exactly it. Denny O'Neill wanted to show why a Batman who killed wouldn't work so that when it was all done readers would go, "Yeah, Bruce Wayne is the best possible Batman. Batman shouldn't kill."

I'm not sure it entirely succeeded because they went about it in a cynical way. Jean-Paul was essentially a "straw man" in the argument; he wasn't written to succeed, and he was set up to fail.

At the time, I thought they should have done much like what Batman Beyond did years later -- Jean-Paul is the "muscle" Batman, while the wheelchair-bound Bruce Wayne is the brains behind the operation.
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