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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

So Smallville #45: Valkyrie Part II came out today. Let me put this all out on front street. I hate Lana Lang. Nothing against Kristin Kruek-she's just plain gorgeous-it's the character. I hate her guts. She's whiny, she's pathologically self-centered and has this sense of entitlement that puts the super rich to shame and the worst thing about her...?

The writers and producers expected me to sympathize with and like her. Why don't they ask me to bend titanium rods with my penis and shit gold too?

This issue didn't do a damn thing as far as making me like or sympathize with her. Not one bit. Yes she's in Africa helping the helpless but the comic makes it clear that it's all about her.

Yep her childhood rears it's ugly head once again! Mommy and Daddy get wiped out by a Kryptonite meteor so now she helps small children so they can have the childhood she never had! Aunt Nell must feel soooooooooo good when Lana says stuff like that!

Also she's still hung up on Clark. Big fuckin' surprise there. Lois lets that slide for now.

The best thing about this issue was the big cliffhanger and it is a good one!

Lana has been pissing off the African warlords big time and they've finally had enough. They've hired help. A familiar face from Metropolis! A baddie with the strength and the heart to take down Superman! Things are about to get serious for our Miss Lang in about four weeks!

I can't wait!
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