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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

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A kid who grows up shooting and learning proper safety practices will be safe as an adult as well.

A kid who plays with toys and not weapons of war will grow up to be a safe adult.
Please spare the hyperbole. A .22 caliber target rifle, like the ones we used at Scout camp, is not a weapon of war.

is right. For most kids, 12 is an age at which they can learn to shoot and handle a gun responsibly and safely. And all children should be taught what to do if they see an unsecured gun lying around: ďDonít touch, get away, tell an adult.Ē
It's all well and good to teach a kid to "Donít touch, get away, tell an adult" until they actually come across a gun. Kids are curious; and most kids, especially those who have only been taught that guns are bad and stay away from them without ever having any experience with them, will want to explore at least a little if they come across a gun without an adult nearby. If my kid were to come across a gun, I would want them to have practical experience with one and know how to handle it safely. Furthermore, I would want them to have experience with a gun so that it would be something familiar and not some magical powerful item they've only seen on the TV and seems to scare their parents so that it would be less likely for their curiosity to override their good sense and parental teaching.

Locutus seems to agree with me regarding the nature of children.
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Although, there have been a couple of people in TNZ who have never raised children themselves who have been making wild claims about "well-mannered and well-educated children doing what they're told" and never playing around with loaded weapons left out in the open, which does put the onus for the accident on the five-year old child's shoulders rather than the grossly negligent parents. You wouldn't happen to know who one of those people were, would you, Data? But yes, I agree, we shouldn't shame the child by calling him not well-mannered and implying that he's an abnormal five-year-old because he did something he wasn't supposed to do like every child that's ever existed.
As for my own children, they have had their first opportunity to shoot at about 7 or 8 or so when we go shooting with either my family or my in-laws. It's a controlled environment with good safety practices demonstrated for them and they have hands-on training and close supervision. Because of this and because of how I've seen them handle guns, I don't have to cower in fear over the possibility they find a gun at a friend's house or somewhere else and end up killing someone. I only have to worry that their friends might not have the same skills and training if their friends' parents are scared of guns.
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