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Re: "Iron Man 3" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Saw it last night, in 3-D

Rated: Above Average, B-

Tony starts with a monologue, like he's talking aloud to get it all straight. I felt the movie opened well with the flashback to Bern which was mentioned in the first film and the surprise cameo by Yinsen was great. After that I wondered if we might see Whiplash and/or his father as well just hanging around the punch bowl or something.

The action was top notch and the f/x remains in top form so no issues there.
When Tony arrives in TN and has broken into the garage and is confronted by the 11/12yr old with a potato gun someone broke he calm of the theater and said, "It's TN, he'd have a real gun Hollywood."

My big gripe with the film is that I feel Marvel Studios made their first real big mistake with Mandarin. This has been teased since IM1, the trailers clearly made him out to be a threat. He's also one of it not the TOP Iron Man foe. And Marvel made him in his first big screen appearance of their "Luthor/Joker" to their flagship character into a joke. They "Bane-ed" him. Gave us a whimper shadow like version of the character that is in the B&R of '98 did to Bane. WTF Marvel?
I suspect GA will not care cause they have no vested interest or knowledge of the character by and large.

The all out armor battle was great, Cheadle had lots to do in the last half of the film and at times I found myself as interested in what he was doing. I like how they address that somethings are "government business, not superhero business" as a way to address this to the audience if anyone wonders "where at the Avengers" to face this terrorist threat.

The post credit scene was great. It did answer something fandom noticed in the closing moments of The Avengers. While I would have liked some not towards something else unspooling in Phase 2 this was a nice piece as it also ties right back into the start of the film.
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