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Re: Revisiting the films...

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TSFS is the Jan Brady of Star Trek films. It's a fun movie in its own right, with many memorable moments, but it's the under-appreciated middle film in the trilogy, stuck between its much more popular sisters!
I've probably spent more time complaining about SFS than I have TheAbramsThing(s) and 21st Century Bond put together (which is a whole lot of bitching, believe me!)

But I just watched it again a few minutes ago and didn't nod off or fast forward. In fact, except for the 'klingon bastards' line , it worked emotionally all the way through. It's still megadumb, but I'm BEGINNING to understand why people make excuses for it. The things I hate I still absolutely hate, but there was no blood pressure rise ... this time.

Can you name some of your specific criticisms? I'm curious.
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