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Re: Kruge, and Genesis

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Uh, he executed one of his own people because he displeased him. He executed David just to "show his sincerity" and he was attempting to gain a planet destroying weapon. That's all text book bad guy behavior.
By human standards.
Given we're all humans discussing a science fiction movie, did you have a different set of standards to offer?
Well obviously. The whole 'we act for the preservation of our race' thing puts it squarely in Klingon terms, though us humans should relate to it on some base level too.

It's almost too much to know about his position, because it actually encourages sympathy when this is one villain who actually benefits from being 2 dimensional with all the havoc he causes (and the less personality exhibited, the less 'Reverend Jim' comes to the fore as well ... they'd've been SO much better off with Jurgen Prochnow or Edward James Olmos, or when he was going to be a Romulan, Omar Sharif.)

I usually am much more in favor of an antagonist with viewpoint that is understandable, but this movie won't really support that because it is about 'our' side in terms of emotional identity, and not the interaction of antagonist with them (as was the case with TFF.)
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