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Re: Rewatching Blake's 7

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Well alternatively it could just be that the Federation were deporting so many citizens they had transport ships leaving daily!
Doesn't quite fit with Cygnus Alpha, where the arrival of 'New Souls' is treated as a rare event. So either there's an entirely separate colony elsewhere on the planet, away from Vargas's control, or there's more prison planets and the next flight just happened to be going to Cygnus Alpha rather than Beta or Delta, or deportation flights are a rarity.

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There is another judicial option open to the Federation of course, and I've often toyed with doing a fanfic set before The Way Back where Jenna almost ends up being sent off to Mutoid camp...
In Weapon, the slave girl says that 'a disobedient slave can be sent for Mutoid modification'. While script editing the fan audio The Mark of Kane, I suggested that, as Travis mentions that the family of an officer who deserts become slaves, then the wife of the surgeon who Servalan sets up to take the blame for her scheme in Deliverance/Orac, who Travis feels guilty about because he'd saved Travis's life, might then be disobedient enough to be converted, and eventually assigned to Travis's crew as a cruel joke on Servalan's part...
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(Blake's 7 - Rumours of Death)

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