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Re: Is the NuEnterprise's secondary hull one big engine room?

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IMO the brewery is the TOS engine room, just on a far bigger scale:

None of the pipes/conduits in TOS, TAS or STV's pipe-filled corridor maze was ever assigned a function (the double vat in the centre had a pop-up dilithium crystal one time, in other episodes that thing wasn't even present), and stories like "Court Martial" implied that engineering was more complex than what the show could afford to depict.
Yet what I see with your comparison is that TOS has a 'clean' look with things being separated and discrete, whereas the other thing just has busywork (like the jungle gym diagonal metal bars, what I think of as the 'backyard swing set' which seems to intentionally get in the way of functionality. It isn't the busywork of the ALIEN universe, that has some kind of 'at least it looks like it works for being on a spaceship' despite all those toggle switches.
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