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Hollywood Reporter review by Todd McCarthy (BEWARE: VERY, VERY FULL OF SPOILERS):

He doesn't like the movie because:
-- The 3D "looks surprisingly flat," and is "bordering on cheesy."
-- The images are "pale and thin."
-- The visual quality "takes a few steps backwards," compared to the quality of previous big-budget releases.
-- A "rampantly hectic opening action sequence."
-- The moral issues are "marginally more engaging" than the "cranked-up action sequences" that seem to come every ten or fifteen minutes. They have a "rote, push-button feeling to them."
-- He says Abrams is less imaginative in this movie than he was in ST09. There is little sense of style or grace.
-- Overall, he says it's a "professionally capable but creatively humdrum outing."

He says very little about the performances other than the returning actors fit into their roles comfortably and the other actors fill their roles well.
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