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Re: Is the NuEnterprise's secondary hull one big engine room?

Lord Garth, FOI wrote: View Post
Don't forget water reclamation as well which was also pretty fucking enormous

I would wager that its layer out similarly to the TMP cutaway
Just twice the size and a whole uglier

As much as the new prise has grown on me I still can't get past how skinny the secondary hull looks in comparison to the rest of the ship, just don't flow to me. I know it's giagantic already but to me she needs more belly
Not being a sour grapes purist but that's how I feel and budgeneering looked laughable in that new clip yesterday. The sears hot water heater tumbling at them didn't help the aesthetics either
I generally like the design of the new Enterprise, the secondary hull kind of has a submarine vibe going, and the primary hull looks like classic trek.

The only part I don't generally like are the nacelles, which would look a lot better IMO if they didn't have the big "hood" looking part in the front.
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