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Okay so here is how I end up eating the same thing for a week at a time, because I go on food kicks. This is last nights dinner, with MIMOLETTE! (the orange one) Thanks to this thread I requested this from my cheese connection and apparently it is quite accessible in Australia though I have never seen it before.

It is very hard, almost brittle and tangy and nutty and sweet with a piquant aftertaste. A wonderful cheese. Thank you lurok for telling me about it! Unfortunately for america the FDA just banned it this April despite it being imported into the country for years. You can read about this horribleness here:

My cheese person said to me that Australia "encourages cheese mites" which quite surprised me as this country has very tough restrictions on food imports.

The other cheese is manchego.

I ended up eating cheese for lunch today so for dinner all I had was a papaya.

More photos!! Because the thread will get dull with me posting radish pics ad nauseum (god I love those things).

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