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Re: "Iron Man 3" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I decided to go to a Thursday night showing after all. Went at 11:30 PM to one of the farther away, but nicer stadium theaters in town.

This review will have SPOILERS.

I thought it was excellent. Extremis was one of the more famous storylines from the comics, and this was an interesting loose adaption. I liked that IM3 dealt with the aftermath of the Avengers with how Tony reacted to almost dying in New York. IM3 made up for the lackluster second movie, and was nearly as good as the first movie.

Robert Downey Jr was perfect as Tony Stark as always. This man just has it on whenever he is playing the character. There were plenty of laughs from the audience whenever he said something or did something unexpected. I liked his friendship with the boy, Harley. Most child actors in movies like this tend to be annoying as heck, but they were great together. Stark himself acts like a boy at times even with his genius intellect, and they had many fun scenes.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle certainly improved from the second movie. They both got much more to do too. It was great how Pepper was such a badass at the end and ended up saving herself. Paltrow is still in great shape, and I admit that I was checking her out during all the scenes with her restrained to the table. We also got plenty of Rhodes being heroic too, which was lacking in the second movie. I missed the War Machine suit, though the new Iron Patriot suit was cool too.

Killian was an interesting bad guy. I guess using a cooperate villain was too hard not to use for the writers. But I think Guy Pearce knocked it out of the park and almost was as good as Bridges was as Obadiah Stane from the first movie. The final twist with the main villain might have pissed off some comic fans, but I didn't mind. Ben Kingsley was good playing both the menacing and humorous parts of his character. I choose to think that the Mandarin with the magic rings is still out there, and will face Stark in the distant future.

The action was incredible and was the best in the series. You can definitely tell that Shane Black has more experience with action compared to Jon Favreau. The standout scene was Iron Man saving the falling people from Air Force One. I loved the constant change of Iron Man suits during the climax. However, it was a little unnerving seeing them being cut apart like hot butter!

The only thing I felt could have been better was if they had used Maya more. She was barely in it for someone who was so important to the story. Rebecca Hall is hot, and I wanted to see more of her. Her exit was so abrupt.

The ending felt pretty definite, but I have my doubts that it is really over for the character. The credits was cool showing footage from all three Iron Man movies. It made me feel nostalgic. The post credit scene was hilarious! It was definitely worth staying though the entire credits for, and I was very glad not to have been spoiled! Plenty of people stayed too!
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