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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

^^ Have you compared all the TOS room / cabin numbers seen on screen? Here's a compilation (please feel all free to add those I missed, thanx!):
  • 3C 46 - room number of transporter in “Where No Man Has Gone Before”
  • 3C 46 - Yeoman Rand’s cabin in “The Enemy Within” ("Deck 12")
  • 3F 121 - Captain Kirk's cabin in "The Conscience of the King"
  • 3F 121 - Captain Kirk’s cabin in “Journey to Babel” ("Deck 5")
  • 3F 125 - Harry Mudd’s cabin in “Mudd’s Women” (with windows, apparently E-Deck 12 or 13)
  • 3F 125 - Yeoman Rand's cabin in "Charlie X"
  • 3F 125 - Spock’s cabin in “Amok Time”
  • 3F 127 - Dr. McCoy’s cabin in “The Man Trap” (with windows, apparently E-Deck 12 or 13)
  • 5R 671 - Janice Lester’s isolation bedroom in “Turnabout Intruder”
  • 5R 672 - Dr. McCoy’s office in “The Changeling”
Whatever "logic" seems to suggest, it's apparently not working the way you assume it.

First, the alphabetic deck numbering was a TMP invention which I believe arose from a misinterpretation. In "Court-Martial" Uhura located Finney on "B Deck" near the impulse engines. In TMP lingo this would be Main Deck 2 and is obviously incorrect.

I had suggested that in ship's jargon the crew refers to certain decks not by numbers but to their nicknames, thus "B Deck" would be "Berth Deck" which in naval parlance would be the crew quarters on Main Deck 6 where the stern is housing the impulse engines. Same for "H Deck" in "The Conscience of the King" probably referring to the Hangar Deck.

And assuming that Main Deck 8 is the Recreation or R Deck (it's the Recreation Deck according to The Making of Star Trek) instantly enables us to assume that the Auxiliary Control Room is on (Engineering) Deck 8 (if it were on Main Deck 8 Kirk's order to the crewman to "get down" to engineering and assist Mr. Scott in "The Doomsday Machine" would be somewhat odd, IMHO).

Obviously the first number can't indicate deck location (as we've just seen there's not enough space on Main Deck 3 or E-Deck 3), neither can the alphabetic letter as "C" wouldn't correspond with "Deck 12" nor "F" with "Deck 5"!

Apparently the first two numbers are section indicators while the last three have something to do with the individual cabin.

The "1" in "125" could stand for first class cabin type (with food elevator and sonic shower ), while the "6" in "672" could refer to medical equipment (first aid kits?) available in the room.

Since the engineering hull only had "minimal crew quarters" (MoST) I'd find it hard to believe that Harry Mudd's cabin was cabin # 125 in the engineering hull.

But I do see now, that the alternate option I described in the text comment (Janice vacated her cabin on Deck 4 after "Charlie X" and Kirk had moved in there by the time of "Little Girls") makes better sense because then section 3F on Deck 4 would better correspond with section 3F on Deck 5 below.

Consequently, I'd move Spock's cabin (3F 125) on Deck 5 closer to Kirk's cabin (3F 121) in the revised draft for Deck 5.

(Mytran will probably protest that I will have to ignore the corridor background from "Journey to Babel" but in return he'll get the Engineering Control Room on the port side and off-center on Deck 7. It's the tri-ladder Kirk used at the beginning of "Amok Time" which should otherwise lead straight down to the Engineering Control Room )

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