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Re: The Bonding with 6 min of extra footage

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I like Jeremy more that he was a bit racist toward Troi about her Betazoid heritage - only because it gave him more depth than the final cut provided.
How is pointing out facts "a bit racist"? She is betazoid, she does know how she's feeling so her question seemed to be pointless. To him it probably made as much sense as being asked what color his clothes were "You can see them, why do i have to tell you?!".
It's in the line delivery. Something about it just makes it sound off and more like he's making it more an insult/racist remark than just being snappy. To be fair, one of the reasons I don't rewatch this episode often is 1) I just can't stand the kid's acting; I can't feel sorry for him, he just comes off as a little asshole 2) They should have used Troi more (hell this would have been in her job describtion) and dialed back on the Worf plot point if not cut it entirely.
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