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Re: Supernatural 8x20 "The Great Escapist" spoiler discussion thread

Brent wrote: View Post
It was Metatron, he was able to erase the markings, get in, and save Kevin. Right after this, he even says I saved him directly.
I know, but the question is, was something happening before Metatron arrived? It was very strange that Kevin suddenly had no fear of Crowley-- and the light came from Kevin's eyes.

Vendikarr wrote: View Post
There was speculation that Meg wasn't actually killed by Crowley in her appearance this season. She seemed to be genuinely in love with Cas, so I think she's half way there. I would bet she's our demon.
Meg was my first thought, in terms of wishful thinking. Crowley is the obvious choice, but I doubt if the showrunners would give up their Doctor Doom.
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