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Re: The Bonding with 6 min of extra footage

Jeremy Aster was such a flat character but it incredible to see that they put some effort into establishing him as a normal kids having a regular day at school when this tragedy occurs.

The science classroom scene... what an excellent looking set! So unbelievably 80s... and the ponytail/Jem and the Holograms style pyjamas student was the perfect touch. Even a teacher with a few lines of dialogue.

Was that a standard "classroom" set decorated with potted plants or a unique set to this episode? I wish the quality were better but it's incredible that these archives exist.

Screaming yellow walls with those shelves (are they designed to accelerate the growth of plants for study?) - it looks so bizarre as if schools in the future would be colored like a candy shop! It's prophetic too, most classrooms now have terminals for kids to use.

I like Jeremy more that he was a bit racist toward Troi about her Betazoid heritage - only because it gave him more depth than the final cut provided. He was unbearably boring if I recall... and that creepy hairstyle didn't help. Overall I've never before enjoyed The Bonding, despite the great scenes with Worf. The alien story didn't go places for me.Here's a freaky-deaky comparison on that theme - a quote from Wikipedia on Peter Weller's experience working on Robocop 2:
"This was the last time Weller played the role. He complained about how cumbersome and exhausting it was to wear the suit and found RoboCop 2 to be a very negative and disappointing film to work on. He was also upset that some important scenes did not make it into the final cut: "There was a couple of things that made the character more human that weren't used. I can't remember exactly what the scenes were, I just remember wondering why they weren't in." These deleted scenes have never been included on home video releases."
Props to TrekCore. Overall that was incredibly enjoyable and look forward to rewatching The Bonding.
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