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Iron Man 3: just seen it (no spoiler)

If this is not the right section please can a mod move it?

This has been out for a few days here in NZ.

I am kind of a fan of the comics, and a big fan of the "Marvel Cinematic Universe". So my views on it are probably appropriate for people like that.

I really liked the movie overall, a very entertaining popcorn blockbuster. Everybody in the film did a very good acting job, Don Chedale's character was fleshed out a lot which was nice to see, and everybody had something to do, they even had Gwyneth Paltrow kicking ass in an action scene which was epic. And might I say Mrs Paltrow is looking MIGHTY fine for a woman north of 40, she puts those half her age (like me) to shame!

Robert Downey Jr did a splendid job, and his interactions with an unlikely "sidekick" of sorts were comedy gold. Otherwise Ben Kingsley really steals the show in a manner you will NOT see coming.

The Action scenes were fantastic as always, and although there is some clumsy execution on one emotional scene near the end, the whole film comes together very nicely.

You may have guessed by now, i'm not very good at reviewing movies, but i'd recommend anyone to go see this one, it's a movie almost anyone will enjoy and almost nobody will find offensive.
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