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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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According to Memory Alpha:
Several scenes were cut from this episode, ... Wesley telling the Counselor about troubles he had with his mother because she wouldn't let him stay overnight at a party on the holodeck ...
Thank god this scene was cut, it makes zero sense. The day and night cycles on a starship are artificial, it's not getting cold or more dangerous, there's nothing you can do on the holodeck at "night" that you can't do during the "day", why would she object to him sleeping there, technically he's not even leaving the "house".

He's a teenager, so if she assumes that the "party" is only an excuse to get drunk and fuck like rabbits she should object to him spending time on the holodeck with friends on principle not just during the night.
Objecting makes even less sense with Wesley, one of the most boring and responsible "teenagers" in the history of television, he will not be late to flying the ship if that's Beverly's concern. If Wesley were my son I would probbaly drag him to the party and lock him inside "Act your age you responsible, perfectly groomed boy, and stop cleaning up your room every single day, you're supposed to be sloppy and start masturbating!" "Mom, you're embarrassing me!" "Good, welcome to being a teenager!"
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