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Re: Rewatching Blake's 7

Well alternatively it could just be that the Federation were deporting so many citizens they had transport ships leaving daily!

Also we don't know how long Vila, Jenna and (Ar)co were waiting?

There is another judicial option open to the Federation of course, and I've often toyed with doing a fanfic set before The Way Back where Jenna almost ends up being sent off to Mutoid camp...

I really like Mission to Destiny, it's a great story for both Avon and Cally, although not sure you'd get away these days with a TV character saying he quite enjoyed hitting a woman! The only daft thing about the episode is how obvious the radio thingymajig is under the mattress

Duel is also very good, even if it just feel a trifle more Star Trek than many B7 eps it doesn't have a Star Trek ending, unlike Kirk and the Gorn Blake and Travis aren't friends at the end. The planet (initially) is very errie and Sinofa and Giroc are quite tragic figures.
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