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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

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Reminds me of a story I read a long time ago. Must have been in 2009, where a father took his kid out to a gun fair and let him shoot what must have been a semi-automatic, and the kid couldn't handle the recoil and wound up shooting himself.
It was a full auto, it was in Mass I believe. The father signed the permission waver and the kid was with a trained instructor at the firing line.
You say that as if it clears up the whole issue and like there's nothing bizarre or misguided about a father wanting his young son to fire a fully automatic weapon. You can't even use the excuse of teaching the kid hunting or home defense for that. What purpose does a child, much less an adult who's not in the military or law enforcement, have with a full auto weapon?

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^ Good points there, J.Allen. Seems like this kid is destined for long term psychiatry.
Or not. Not publicly shaming the kid and treating him like a pariah because of an accident would go a long ways to help.
Fortunately, that's an imaginary problem, as the vast majority of people are neither shaming the kid nor treating him like a pariah, because he's, you know, five. The targets of most people's ire in this case have rightly been the negligent parents, the companies that market guns to small children, and the insane gun culture in this country.

Although, there have been a couple of people in TNZ who have never raised children themselves who have been making wild claims about "well-mannered and well-educated children doing what they're told" and never playing around with loaded weapons left out in the open, which does put the onus for the accident on the five-year old child's shoulders rather than the grossly negligent parents. You wouldn't happen to know who one of those people were, would you, Data? But yes, I agree, we shouldn't shame the child by calling him not well-mannered and implying that he's an abnormal five-year-old because he did something he wasn't supposed to do like every child that's ever existed.
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