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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

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I am much more ready to accept a woman President of Georgia (in the year 2028, no less!) as completely plausible than I am cancer curing nanites. Frankly, I found it entirely offensive that he would suggest a woman would be unable to be President of Georgia.
You're joking right... offended? Seriously?

Over on AVS (where they're discussing this show as well), someone made the claim that the blackout would result in rampant return to puritanical religious attitudes, and that Charlie wouldn't be allowed to run around shooting people with her bare midriff exposed, and would be stoned by the religious fanatics. I completely disagreed, because just because the power went out doesn't mean it's not still the year 2028. Progressivism doesn't die just because I can't make instant oatmeal in a microwave.
Oh yeah hey man no big deal it's just that the microwave is out. Really... you don't think that United States of America after losing probably most of its population and fracturing into warring factions at least one of which is run by a complete crazy as a result of this event... You don't see Progressivism taking a hit in that situation?

Think of it as 2028 all you want but in many ways it's more like 1828.
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