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Re: Does TOS Still Look Futuristic to You?

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I saw 2001: A Space Odyssey around the same age (at a real Cinerama screen, no less), and it had a similar effect on me. So, that clean early/mid-1960s International Style aesthetic is my idea of what the future looks like. (That's also one of the reasons I like Mad Men.)

I also saw Lost in Space about this same time, but, for some reason, that never looked futuristic to me. Maybe because, even at that young age, I thought LiS was just stupid.

The "Future" is a moving target. What you think is futuristic today might well look ridiculous in a very short time. Who knows what it will look like.
Ron Cobb is quoted somewhere, maybe BOOK OF ALIEN, maybe STARLOG, saying essentially that designwise, you can extrapolate till you're blue in the face and do all the smart projections of what is to come ... and still come out way off target or visually unconvincing (sorry, looking at you, TMP interiors.) Proof of that is how ALIEN can convince, then AND now, even with those goddamn toggle switches everywhere.

I think the LiS kneejerk reject has to do with it looking retrograde, like it was doing FORBIDDEN PLANET without realizing that had already been done, and done better. Somehow the same consoles that showed up on all the Allen shows only seemed to really look futuristic to me in THE TIME TUNNEL, but maybe that was because it was the only Allen show my 6 year-old mind could get behind (though I watched VOYAGE regularly, I think it was like GREEN ACRES, it was watched just because it was on and I was supposed to participate in the family experience.)

The 2001/Mad Men connection is an interesting one that I happen to share, but although my wife is almost a decade younger than me, she also shares a fascination with both, though she has never gotten to see 2001 in anything other than 35mm.

I have always thought seeing 2001 in L.A. at age 7-1/2 -- after reading about it in mags sporting gorgeous layouts -- during its opening weeks kind of ruined me for ordinary movies ... outside of PATTON, I don't think I was monumentally impressed with another movie till the mid 70s, and by that time I was being impressed by films on the basis of just their content rather than style and content (though I still think 2001 is cock o' the walk for just about all things.)
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