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I'd rather have no Star Trek than a bad Star Trek film, regardless of how big its budget is.
A bad Star Trek film would be a box office failure; we've had examples of that.
By that logic, Blade Runner is a bad film and Transformers is a good one. I know which I'd rather watch.

Obviously films are made to make a profit. In that sense, the last film was an unquestioned success. This one will probably be too.

However, I do not feel compelled to like it because it is a commercial success, nor simply because it carries the Star Trek label - particularly when you have people involved with the film saying publicly that they strove to make a film which was nothing like Star Trek!

I went in hugely excited for the last film and came away disappointed; I will not make the same mistake this time.
Kim: I'm detecting some weird technobabble.
Janeway: A possibly dangerous anomaly that we know nothing about?
Kim: Yeah. I suppose we should steer clear.
Janeway: Ha! Good one, Ensign. Take us in, Mr. Paris.
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