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FINAL POLL - April Art Challenge - Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme ... Beauty and the Beast

Corny, I know. And who knew Robby Benson could do that deep, gravely voice, right?

Two sides of a teen heartthrob, and this month, it's two sides of Star Trek - Beauty ... and the Beast. It was either that, or "Pieces of April," and that sounded more like a challenge for the CSI crowd .

Two sides of a coin, this month's entries had to show us both at once, in the same image, and clearly. And because it was all about 2's, everyone was invited to submit 2 entries! Hey, it was worth a shot .

And, heck, we came out pretty well-stocked, so let's go back and offer 2 votes to everyone - still only one can win, so if we have a tie, we'll have a run-off vote, with the moderator abstaining unless the run-off ends in a tie, as well. So, you've got two days to vote, and the winnah gets to create the May Challenge.

Good luck, everyone!




B.J. - 01


B.J. - 02


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