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Re: What should be the next musical adapted for the movies?

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On the musical front, Deanna Durbin passed away at 91. She's probably one of the last of the great MGM musical stars. RIP.
Christ, I thought she'd been dead for years.

propita wrote: View Post
As long as they don't turn Xanadu into a stage musical!
I assume you're being ironic?

Wiki wrote:
Xanadu is a musical comedy with a book by Douglas Carter Beane and music and lyrics by Jeff Lynne and John Farrar, based on the 1980 cult classic film of the same name, which was, in turn, inspired by the 1947 Rita Hayworth film Down to Earth, a sequel to the 1941 movie Here Comes Mr. Jordan, which was an adaptation of the play Heaven Can Wait by Harry Segall.
And Heaven Can Wait was also the title of the 1978 remake of Here Comes Mr. Jordan with Warren Beatty and Julie Christie. And the 2001 re-remake with Chris Rock was called Down to Earth! It's enough to make your head spin.

As for Xanadu (the 1980 film), it's best appreciated with a group of friends tossing out wisecracks and bons mots, MST3K-style.
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