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Re: Your 'Not Only is it Not A Guilty Pleasure' movie/episode

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The Omega Glory.

I find it a great episode and think the Bible/Flag/U.S. Constitution ending ruining it is bullshit. It's easy to imagine an Earth vessel crashing on Omega IV and finding a war battered culture that shared similar values and adopted the Earth relics as their own. Plus, Morgan Woodward owns the screen as Captain Ron Tracy.

The Omega Glory is mine as well. I love the "starship captain gone rogue" story. As for the ending.... aside from the wanky sounding "Star Spangled Banner", I don't have a big problem with it.

I generally take "Star Trek" on it's own terms. I don't have a problem with Hodgkins Law because in this fictional universe it exists and there's planets with alternate earths or societies and I don't get worked up about it.
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