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Re: The Cleveland show is cancelled

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What is the word on McFarlane's Flintstones remake? Is it possible Fox is just axing Cleveland to make room for that? In which case, we're just replacing Black Family Guy with Caveman Family Guy.
The rub is, most black people didn't like The Cleavland Show, from what I can gather. I once came across a comment in an article about the show Daria that was focused on the one black character in it wishing that she had her own show, instead of something like The Cleavland Show (the article in question is here: On Race, Feminism, and Jodie Landon).
All I meant when I called The Cleveland Show "Black Family Guy" was that it's Family Guy but with a black lead character. It's actually a common joke, along with calling American Dad "CIA Agent Family Guy" or "Republican Family Guy."
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