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Re: Isn't The Special, The Docudrama and Big Finish Enough [50th Spoil

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Star Trek's 50th anniversary is coming up in 2016 and there's barely been a peep about... anything. We don't even know if we can expect the next film by then thanks to JJ's new commitment to Star Wars. It seems to me to expect anything else, or anything more, is setting ourselves up for disappointment.
Actually, even if Abrams isn't involved with Star Wars, I wouldn't hold my breath about him delivering a Trek movie by 2016 simply because the man (and his minions) can not meet a deadline. STID was delayed a whole year because they hadn't got around to writing a script, and it's rumoured he's already thinking of postponing the highly publicized 2015 release date for Star Wars.

Getting back on topic, the whole situation with Doctor Who's 50th anniversary kind of reminds me of the controversy of when Enterprise ended. We had some people saying to think of the Demons/Terra Prime story as Enterprise's proper finale while TATV was the finale to the Star Trek franchise. It would seem here that the Anniversary special itself will celebrate the nu series, while An Adventure in Time and Space will be the celebration of the classic era.
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