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Re: The Valiant never seen....

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I am wondering though, where does the ship recorder get jettisoned from? From the aft section of the main body or at the top (or bottom) of the ring or at the aft section of that cylinder below the main body?

Any chance you could create a 3d model of the ship recorder and put it in the foreground, flying toward us/the virtual camera, with its top facing somewhat towards us/the virtual camera, with the ship exploding in the background? Or would the recorder be yawing, pitching, and rolling out of control from the blast and be unable to stabilize itself with its thrusters?

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I had two thoughts about the recorder marker. One spot could have it housed in that nub hanging under the main hull just aft of the landing bay doors. There is another nub on top of the aft section not far behind the upper ring support strut. Of course it could also be housed just about anywhere else on the hull behind a hatch that's not immediately visible.

You can see the spots more clearly here.

This is also where you can really see the pulp sic-fi rocketship element as the basis for the design. You have the bullet shaped main body flipped on its side and detailed grafted onto a more contemporary looking lower (or aft) booster section. The fins of the rocketship have been morphed into support struts for the space warp ring and the navigational deflector pod.
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