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Re: Is the NuEnterprise's secondary hull one big engine room?

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I just don't see how they square this circle. They're making my poor fanboy head explode.

JJ: "So then we'll cut to the rear of the ship and the shuttle bay doors'll open and we'll see like rows and rows of shuttles and and one comes zooming out with maybe some lens flare!!!"

Hapless special effects technical adviser: "Um...Mr. JJ...You know the shuttle bay's really not that big... it's more like a two-car garage for the shuttlecraft."

JJ: "Whaaaat?! No. know what? Just make the damn ship as big as you need to make that shot work!!!"

JJ: "So the ship's tumbling end over end and Scotty and Kirk are hanging on for dear life and you can see down like 10... no, 20 stories with theses pipes and it just stretches on like forever..."

hapless special effects technical adviser: "Sigh"
Posts like this one make me wish TBBS had a Like button.
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