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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Iv'e made a general introduction in the general forums, but I really wanted to make one here as well.

I never really loved a TV show so much before that I felt that I had to go and find a community to share that with. I also never was an active forum member either, but I'm here to try.

My 72 year old dad always told me that TOS series was the best show he's ever seen. I finally decided to give it a shot a few weeks ago. Seeing as I always loved to watched things chronologically I went and checked how things are to be watched that way. and found that ENT actually comes before anything else. it took awhile, but I loved that show very much..I'm very eager to see what the rest of the Trek universe looks like!

Oh, if only Dr. Cochrane had been a European, the Vulcans would have been far less reticent to help us. But no, he had to be from Montana. - Lt. Reed.
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