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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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The Neutral Zone (TNG), claims 24th century humans don't fear death, they're much more evolved than that.
I was just watching the Writer's Room special feature on the TNG Season 3 Blu-ray set and Ron D. Moore talks about that very issue and butting heads with Gene Roddenberry about this in his episode "The Bonding". Moore says that he was called in to Gene's office (at a time when Gene's health was starting to deteriorate and he wasn't normally taking meetings) and was basically lectured that even a young boy like Jeremy who just lost his mother wouldn't have any issues with it and he'd be fine and readily accept his loss.

That idea that an 8-year old boy would "just accept" that his mom is dead is actually pretty na´ve about the human condition. People would still be bonded to their parents by the mere fact they are raised by them, so he would still miss his mother and need to surrounded by people who care about him and helped to grieve, etc. He may not fear death (which I will grant Gene), but people still have close social ties to others, which means they will still need to take time to miss them and move forward.

Also sometime in the writer's reunion feature they point out the irony of having a councilor onboard when according to Gene humans coped with everything in stride and didn't have any real wants, major fears, or hang-ups.

I love most of Gene Roddenberry's philosophy, but the more I hear about the problems behind the scenes in the early days of TNG, the more it seems Gene was getting lost in his own hype. He was getting away from what he originally posited in TOS and even the more temperate versions of his semi-utopian ideas that he had going into TNG. And the fact that he reportedly felt the need to do a re-write on almost every script in the first season of TNG to make sure it injected this newer preachy and judgmental version of his philosophies made it worse.
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