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Re: Science experiment gone bad

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waaaaaaay too overboard, give her detention for mixing chems w/o supervision and be done with it.
^ This. Seems to me there was no more behind than "I wonder what these will do". I'll grant a lack of foresight to look up the chemicals and get the basic info on what they could react with, but I doubt she was out to torch the place.

iguana_tonante wrote: View Post
With all the crap I did in school and at home mixing up stuff just to see what would happen, I should have been branded a terrorist and public enemy number one.

For fuck's sake.
Just what I was thinking. Going by the logic shown in the article, nearly every highschool chem-1 class is a terrorist breeding ground. Hell, my AP Agri-Science class would be on a fucking no-fly list: Our instructor showed us how to use black powder to blast stumps.
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