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Re: Does TOS Still Look Futuristic to You?

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I highly doubt people in the 24th century would care about animations or cool effects or any of the things about iOS or Android that impress you or me. They live their lives surrounded by computers and probably want the interfaces to be as simple and inconspicuous as possible. That's the quality that TNG and TOS share: simple interfaces, the data you need most available at a glance, and pretty much any function completed in a few flicks of the wrist.
Indeed. That fits with the general edict that was put forth to the production departments about finding functionality in everything that was created for the shows. You see guys like Doug Drexler talk about how Star Trek was supposed to look like you could walk in and use it.

That of course also seems to fit how people in the future might actually feel about using computers. They'd be so ubiquitous they don't even have to think about using them.
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